Saturday, August 04, 2007


Just arrived in Edinburgh, after an internet-free period on the Island of Arran. Normal service will resume shortly.

I think I only had to drive about 80 miles today, but the g**-awful traffic all the way from the Ardrossan ferry port and then to Glasgow and finally to Edinburgh turned it into a 2 1/2 hour slog.

After clearing up some mixups with the actual street address and intercom of the flat we're staying in this month, I finally got us in about 3pm. For half an hour I was fending off doggie questions from what I'll call the "corner clan" - a band of bored teen girls, harried mums and a-whisker-off-drunk males. The building and streetscape - a few stone-throws from the Leith Docks - are not terribly auspicious. The downstairs lobby, with its single nearly-useful light bring to mind any number of David Lynch sets, and the winding steps are as worn as any we've encountered in castle turrets on the continent. (Leith-born Irvine Welsh set some of Trainspotting in this area.) Inside the flat, things are more attractive, and I have a good sized room to spread out in.

Our "hosts", a young Polish couple, are leaving tomorrow for a long driving holiday around Croatia, leaving their student in-laws as co-residents for the month.

By 5pm, the room is looking like we've been here a while and I've staked out a few supermarkets and provisionally stocked the fridge, identified the bus routes and worked out where to get a monthly ticket. I walk Bondi out towards the docks, where Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia has been parked since its decommissioning in 1997. I *think* it's there, but I can only spy a fragment of it along a section of gated off waterfront, just before one reaches some of the newer gentrified Marks-and-Sparks shoppinge areas.

Back to our loft-on-Leith and a chance to do some catch up blog posts from Arran to satisfy those poor souls who can't deal with a Loco-less (OK Lobo-less..) chaser for their morning coffee.

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