Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I had to make a few attempts at getting up this morning. I didn't have that much to drink last night, and it was only 4am when I got to bed, but it has been an intense few days.

Visited an optometrist on Rose Street to get some new regular glasses. I've had bad luck with them this year - the first set I bought cracked although I'd hated the frames after I'd had them for 10 minutes, the second set which I'd bought in Venice I managed to lose in London last month. May get my eyes re-LASIK'd after I get back to Oz.

Prior to living on Howe Street, my Wood ancestors were recorded as being at 166 Rose Street at the time of the 1841 Scottish census. #168 is the site of Filthy McNasty but I couldn't quite place where #166 was, as the building to the left of 168 is on the corner of Castle Street, and the next few buildings further along Rose are unnumbered.

I had a nice lunch at the Mexican Cantina on Rose Street and then wandered down to the Princes Street Gardens to sunbake. Bondi attracted the bunch of kids seen above, who at least had the imagination to ask more interesting questions than 95% of adults.

More fun on the Royal Mile

View from the castle mount over Princes Street Gardens to the north.

From the opening video introduction by Eurovision stalwart, Sir Terrance Wogan - "release your genital cuffs and enjoy the show" - this musical is, may I say, a hoot. Clever songs, choreography and dialogue from the presenters in some Twilight Zone version of Sarajevo.
In the line outside, audience members are given a badge assigning them to one of the 10 nations used in this show, so that at the end of the show, you can vote via SMS message as Greece (in my case) or Estonia, UK etc for the top five performances. Enthusiastically recommended. It has everything good and bad about Eurovision in one tidy package, and all done in 90 minutes.
I'm going to bed now.

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