Friday, August 17, 2007

Fat Tongue / Seriously #2

Patisserie Florentin
Returned to Stockbridge area, which lies on the Leith just north of the New Town. Found Just Dogs specialty store, where I learnt of some of the dog-friendly cafes and pubs in the immediate vicinity. Great lunch in Hector's Pub and then terrific coffee and perfect carrot cake at Patisserie Florentin.

Pleasance venue map; Fat Tongue
Event #20: Fat Tongue

The comedy sketch trio are Sophie Black, Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns. Very funny show, even if rough around the edges. I think a TV format would suit them better as they can simply jump cut rather than find an awkward way to exit a scene/sketch. The material in this show consisted of 4 basic setups which they interwove through the hour. The opening sketch about lions discussing a zebra kill, in the mode of an angsty teen movie, returns later with a zebra flirting with a penguin during an audition for a David Attenborough nature documentary. An oversexed alien first seen sharing a drink with an English couple, is later seen at work as a game show host on his native planet. (The cast went up one by one during this one, until all three plus audience were crying.) The longest sequence depicted Billy Elliot's ("I'm Bahlly, Bahlly Ulliot") quest to become a lap dancer.

Dustin Demri-Burns reminds me somewhat of The League of Gentleman's Reece Shearsmith. There's not only a facial resemblence, but Dustin's comic vocal affectations evoke Reece's LoG character Papa Lazarou.

Event #21: Seriously (again!)

I knew I'd be back to see this one again, and got every bit as much out of it the second time around. There was quite a full house now, post the favourable reviews, and the show had been rejigged slightly to fit into the smaller timeslot allowed by the Fringe.

Bumped into Michael Howard and Dean again. Went out for drinks with Dean, who had some young local in tow with a nearly impenetrable accent. When he said that Dean had just spoken to comic "Grey Gull" it took several rounds to establish that was "Craig Hill". He was a bit lost in some of the ensuing mad conversation ("I don't know who GilbertandSullivan is, and I don't wish to know who GilbertandSullivan is"), especially when Dean started singing PSB songs as Carol Channing.

My friend Kenneth had been discussing some localized versions of musicals to do at Fringe next year: I thought of "Festoon: the cabaret/festival that appears only once per century." That's the sort of rubbish I spout after a few gins. Ginuflection.

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