Thursday, August 30, 2007


Event #41: Fuerzabruta

One enters a large black tent, even bigger than Demis Roussos' mumu, herded with about 400 other punters to watch an Argentinian spectacle of dance, acrobatic story vignettes, dreams tumbling in the air and curtains rolling across the crowd.

S(p)inning on the ceiling; wet dream
It's like an indoor rock-and-roll version of the performance spectacle I saw in Salamanca's Plaza Major in 2005.

That brings my first experience of the Edinburgh Festival, Fringe, Bookfest and Filmfest to a close. Definitely got the best bang for buck from the Fringe, with too many of the main Festival events disappointing either because of the nature of the performance or because the venues were too cramped, uncomfortable and poorly air-conditioned. If you're going to pay £50+ for a show or sit for 2 hours through an intellectually-challenging work, then the last thing you want to worry about is staying awake or keeping blood-supply to your feet.

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