Monday, August 20, 2007

Impressing the Czar / Seriously #3

Posters; Clown burlesque; Sponging the vicar

Event #26: Impressing the Czar

I am not even going to begin to try to figure out the plot or themes for this eccentric, but brilliantly danced production of William Forsyth's Impressing the Czar, a four-act ballet revived by the Royal Ballet of Flanders. The second act, "In the Middle" was originally directed by Rudolph Nureyev. The concluding act (photo above) has the entire corps of 40 dressed as schoolgirls, man and woman alike.

Edinburgh's Festival Theatre

Event #27: Seriously - It's a synch! (3rd visit)

Just as I arrived at the Roxy on Friday night, I bumped into Dean, who asked if I'd got his message and offer of 2 comps for tonight's show. Well I hadn't, but I was more than happy to see it a third time, especially when he explained that the Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, would be in that night to see it live for the first time. They had only ever seen an archival DVD of the Melbourne production from 2005.

The cast acted especially well tonight, and I was able to pick up a few more elements of the show on a conscious level, such as that when the number What Have I Done to Deserve This? is being performed, Maria Mercedes is being circled by two couples, one with a positive and the other, a negative spin on the question.

Cast & directors around Neil Tennant. I was also juggling Maria and Anthony's cameras to get shots while the pros circled them.

Directors David & Dean with Neil; Neil talks to half the string quartet.

Maria Mercedes stalked by Al Pacino; Dean, Maria & David

After show drinks, Mark Trevorrow (Bob Downe) et al.

Good times!

We rolled on to Revolutions nightclub, where Neil bought champagne for everyone. It's the first time I've had a superstar shout me since Meat Loaf offered me a beer c.1992, or Peter Allen rescued me from a fate worse than drunk in 1991, or conversely Mick Jagger asked me for a boiled lolly in 1968. I was already corrupting people at that tender age of [cough] -12.

Elvis buys me a drink in LA, 1996.

Neil and Chris left us at Revolutions when it closed up at 3am. They probably had to go back to the shop and feed the budgies or check the filters in the aquaria. Some number of us trundled on to Espionage, and trundled out again around 4.30am, so I crawled back into bed some time after dawn.

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