Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Post clubbing - post #700

I slept, naturally. Took Bondi out for a couple of short walks, then drove us to Stockbridge for a pub dinner, but arrived sans wallet. Went home and scoffed down some spaghetti alla pesto genovese.

Somehow managed to stay up late again, having very silly online chats. First I had to explain to Chris what my made-up word astropalaeolithography meant. He thought "prehistoric skywriting" - a natural confusion with palaeolithospherography - when I meant (post hoc) "ancient etchings done by aliens". Then Ben and I had some riff on Mrs Mills having piano lessons with Nadia Boulanger... even without a gin, the Festival, Fringe, Bookfest and Filmfest are compressing my thoughts to ridiculous levels.

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