Sunday, August 19, 2007

Simon Amstell: No Self

Event #25: Stephen Grant - Taken for Granted

I turned up at the Pleasance Courtyard at 5.45 for Stephen Grant's 6pm show. I was the first one there, and wasa little surprised so asked the usherette if the show was still on. "Yes, but the earlier show's running late, so there's not even a 10 minute call yet, but you should queue right here." Anyway, it took redirections from 5 other staff members before I finally ascertained 25 minutes later that the show had been cancelled (early that day) and could get a refund. I could not get a satisfactory answer from the manager as to why they hadn't used my phone or email to advise me, or why they hadn't labelled the room or informed the staff. So, by the time I got my money back, it was too late to find another show for that time slot.

Event #25: Simon Amstell: No Self

A very long line for Amstell's stand-up comedy show, held in the same Pleasance room as Mark Watson a week earlier. I wondered aloud what it would be like if it were raining at this time, as there is no shelter for queues at most of the Fringe events. A lady next to me said that she had spent 45 minutes on one of the coldest wettest nights this month lined up outside a venue where the previous act was running late. By the time they got in, the performers had an extremely cold, wet and grumpy audience to deal with. Even without such delays, the Pleasance people can't herd people into the bigger rooms in under 10-15 minutes.

Simon's show was very very funny and I loved his jumper.

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