Friday, September 07, 2007

Arthur's Seat

I located Kilimanjaro cafe today down past Queen's Hall, and the coffee was indeed terrific. When you see "Flat White" listed on the board, you generally know you're in good hands.

Arthur's Seat may be a wee bit shorter than Mount Kilimanjaro, but you can't pull up in Tanzania, drop a coin in a parking meter and expect to scale and return before your time has run out. Well, since the meters at Holyrood are set to run 5 minutes slow (so you get 55 minutes fo your coin) then it might be a race condition. The newer meter outside Kilimanjaro Cafe goes more for the shot putt: it spat my pound coin half way across the footpath on my first couple of attempts to feed it.
KilimanjaroArthur's Seat
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Scottish Parliament building

Inverleith Park - looking towards the city centre (above)/Arthur's Seat (below)

On the heels of the US hardback reprint of J.P. Martin's Uncle, news that the "next volume of Uncle's biography" will be out "next fall". I suspect this means 2008 as the publishing industry probably doesn't align its calendar with physical seasons. Check the link for commentary correspondence between myself and Uncle's apeish amanuensis. There's also a formal response to my fears of a Badfort infiltration.

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