Wednesday, September 19, 2007


A complete turnaround in the weather made a great day to revisit Glasgow, which is only about 40 miles to the west. I remember from the first visit in June 2005, that the locals were rather loud, and that certainly hasn't changed. I don't think anyone who came to talk to me on the street had a normal conversational level lower than a pile-driver.

During the morning we took in a different quarter of the city today, the revamped Merchant City. I was rather put off by one cafe that said (after ordering) that you had to put up a credit card in order to sit at their outdoor tables. I don't know whether that reflects on local customers or the infrequency of table service, but told them was ridiculous, and found another place, following which I drove around to Glasgow University to the Hunterian Art Gallery which includes the Mackintosh House.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928) was a designer, artist and architect prominent in the arts & crafts, and Art Nouveau movements. His wife and collaborator, Margaret McDonald produced many of the elements seen in his architectural works.

A virtual tour of the house may be found here. If I have an opportunity to revisit Glasgow I'd like to also see the House for an Art Lover, designed in 1901 in response to a competition, but realised only in the last decade.

Tried to get dinner or coffee in 3 different places near Kelvingrove Park on Gibson St, but in each case the staff were too obtuse to figure out the bare essentials of "can I have a menu" or "I would like a cup of coffee": I think they were just being paid to watch people sit at tables ... and walk out. I ended up returning to Merchant City and found Cafe Gramophon/Gramafon where the staff knew what they were doing.

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