Thursday, August 30, 2007

Schemey guddle

Bondi posing on the bus; Next time just send a postcard
Catching up on sleep and reading now that the festival is done.
I learnt two new words this week:
schemey (n): a highland chav or scally; refers to someone from one of the housing schemes.
guddle (n): a mix-up (like muddle). The verb form refers to groping for fish under rocks.
Taken together, Schemey Guddle would make a good name for a character from a Scottish version of Dogpatch.

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  1. Jeannie Warzycki2:40 pm

    Hello there,
    My brother is the great Stefan Warzycki who performed the lunchtime concert (4 hands) in Edinburgh with Adrian Sims. I'm so proud of his talents at the piano and wished I could have been present, but live near Monterey Ca. Adrian is his friend, also very talented and I've never had the opportunity of seeing them perform together. You are a lucky person. Your site is unbelievably culturally rich!!!
    Jeannie Warzycki