Sunday, October 14, 2007

The bumpy road across the Isle

Today's destination was Elgol on the southwest coast of Skye. There's a single narrow road leading from Broadford on the coast, and its bumpy winding profile really put Bondi out of sorts. I had to stop several times as he was so agitated. Thinking he had some bowel needs to attend to, I walked him around and around, but found it difficult to entice him back into the car. Once he just curled up in the grass and looked off in another direction.

Across to Cuillin Ridge

There's usually a selection of boats at Elgol to take you on tours of nearby lochs, frequented by seals and sea-birds. Unfortunately they had cancelled all outings today in anticipation of bad weather (which never came).

Elgol's pebbly shores; a plate of sauce packets: overfamiliar sight at British cafes

We got back into Portree by early afternoon. I stopped in at Cafe Arriba (an atypical cafe restaurant with fresh and distinctive food, where I had eaten the last two nights) for some coffee, and was given a recommendation to try the walk on the far side of Portree harbour. This is the Scorrybreac walk. I misread the length of it (I thought it was 6 miles, it was only 3 km) and turned back halfway as I thought it might be too much for Bondi.

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