Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lining up the ducks

I've just moved into a self-contained flat upstairs in Keith and Ute's house, which will give us a stable base in West London for the remaining 7 weeks. While the folks at the last place were quite friendly, the hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom was rather scary, not to mention their habit of entering my room without knocking to announce one or other was going to use the bog or shower. Fortunately those occurrences were rare enough, but far less rare than any introductions of Mr Bog and Ms Bleach.

I had until 10am before rescuing the car from the clutches of the local parking inspectors. Yesterday I found one noting its location at 9am, presumably so they could be back at 10.01 to ticket it. It's been a bit of a pain shifting the car all day from one zone to another, but I've got a set of vouchers to tide me over at Chez Hammett in our remaining time.

In my last hour I got a message on Genes Reunited from Patricia, who is my fourth cousin on my father's side. Our most recent common ancestors are Samuel Jones of Devon, and his wife Jane Woolcock of Cornwall. Our sibling ancestors Hannah Maria Williams and Thomas Jones lived in Dolgelley, North Wales. While my line took me from there to Australia, hers went from India to Singapore to Perth and then to the Netherlands.

I'm revisiting some of my favourite London places. Yesterday it was Barnes, followed by the grounds of Chiswick House, where all today's photos were snapped. It was a beautiful, almost balmy autumn day for walking by the Thames and through the old gardens.

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