Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trotternish and Waternish

The clouds regathered over night, making me exceedingly glad that I'd caught photos of the area during yesterday's sunny spell. Fantastic smoked haddock and poached egg for brekkie, and allowed Bondi to romp in a grassy field nearby. It's ever so quiet, only a few birds and distant clangs of farm machinery breaking through the morning mist.

The peninsula north of Portree is known as Trotternish, and we followed the road along the coast, stopping first at Kilt Rock (above), the pleated pillars formed by molten rock squeezed through sandstone, and then near an iron-age souterrain found in 2000.

We stopped briefly in Uig, another bland ferry port, and then finally left Trotternish for the small peninsula of Waternish.

Another pub lunch, in the small hamlet of Stein. We met a young couple from Slovakia, who were very impressed that Bondi had visited Bratislava, Poprad and the Tatras.

Final stop was near Dunvegen, where we took a short walk up to the Duirinish Stone, erected as a millennial memorial in 2000.

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