Saturday, November 03, 2007

Charlestown & Fowey

Driving around the western half of Cornwall for two days was been rather tiring as it takes an hour to cover twenty miles between any of the bigger coastal locations. Today we stayed close to St Austell, simply revisiting a few places we saw in July. Miraculously, the November weather is sooo much better than what we had back then.

First down to Charlestown, with a pair of tall ships in its dock; and then on to Fowey, of Daphne Dumaurier and Toad Hall reknown.

Charlestown; Fowey

Fowey Harbour, looking across to Polruan.

Fowey Harbour from Fowey Hall Hotel

Fowey Hall Hotel

Knocked off Andy Kaufman's sweet novella "All My Friends are Superheroes".

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