Monday, November 19, 2007

It never brains but it pours

Short days with shitty weather, and I have the beginnings of a cold, so really very little outdoor activity, except for two very nice lunches with friends I haven't seen since at least July.

Back to my family research on my Brain cousins. I'm pretty sure that I've identified Maria's first child ( brother to Ellis ) as Reeve Merion Brain, born in Brighton in 1907. He died in Norwich in 1985.

I have a feeling there may be more siblings between Reeve (b1907) and Ellis (b1920), but the birth indexes didn't include the mother's maiden name until about midway through that period. Where the name isn't recorded for some reason, it seems to be just marked as the father's surname ie Brain. There are none marked Williams before Ellis' birth but several marked Brain which seem like possibilities.

Reeve married a Peggy G Donovan in Lambeth in 1939, but I have not located any strong birth candidates up to 1950 (ie no mother=Donovan records). Peggy is usually a nickname for Margaret (-> Meg -> Peg ->), but may be a real first name. I couldn't find a Peggy/Margaret Donovan birth record, but I did find:
1) Winifred G P Donovan, born in 1910 West Ham,
2) Vera Winifred G Brain, died in 1991 Norwich/Depwade (born 1910)
who looks to be quite a solid candidate, even if she couldn't make up her mind what to call herself.

For now I've ordered birth, marriage and death certificates for Reeve and should have those delivered for another round of research or cold-calling next weekend.

Something to look forward to on my return to Sydney: the new Wharf Revue.

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