Friday, November 23, 2007

Just when I thought I'd run out of Brains

Three certificates from the General Registry Office today, alternately casting light and shadow on the life of my late cousin Reeve Merion Brain.

Everything seemed to be as I thought except for the identify of his wife. Let's review.
  • Reeve Merion Brain, born 1907 in Brighton.
  • Marries Peggy Gladys Donovan, a spinster bookkeeper aged 21 in the Lambeth Registry Office in 1939. At this time, Reeve is inspector for a dairy company.
  • There does not appear to be any children from this marriage.
  • Reeve dies 1985 in Norwich, a retired Public Relations Officer. Informant is a stepson by the name of Charles Richardson. So Reeve remarried at some point, a consequence of divorce or death.
I begin tracking through the marriage indexes again, and suddenly trip over a 1950 record for his brother Ellis, who I thought had never married. I must have missed that in the holes in the Genes Reunited records. We'll come back to Ellis.

Much more tracking through the records, and I find Reeve has married an Edith C Brain in 1973. I'm not going to sort through the combinations of whether she was originally a Brain, and then became a Richardson, or was something else, and then a Richardson, and then a Brain twice-over. A little more research leads me to suspect that the stepson has also passed on, so I have struck a dead end with Reeve's line.

Now, Ellis Alfred Sullivan Brain turns out to have married Monica Joan Clark in 1950, and she predeceased him by a couple of years in 1998, aged 74. I've only found one Brain child in the birth records whose mother was a Clark. So I have another week to wait for another round of GRO certificates.

A flurry of books this week:

A pleasant early evening at the Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton, where I saw Ridley Scott's final cut of Blade Runner.

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