Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Packer of the lead

Two hours of fiddling around at the vet's this morning while Bondi had blood samples taken, and then his anti-tick and general vaccinations. This branch of the veterinary surgery seems to have had some little turn-over of staff lately, and even the new regular was off sick, and his replacement was scrambling to find sufficient vials to hold the sample.

Instead of checking enough were available before the sample was drawn, they ran out part way through. Since the other shots had to be given after the sample was taken, and had to be done today, this meant driving to the main surgery and having more blood taken. This of course meant more distress to Bondi, who though quite calm, isn't exactly fond of having his head held tightly in position for a neck vein to be accessed.

The afternoon has been turned over to packing clothes. I need warm clothes to see me through the next few weeks, and then use some of those layers for a Sydney summer until the car arrives with what's left over. I even have to pre-pack Bondi's stuff as anything travelling in his crate will be disposed of at the other end: there's only room for his lead and some medication in my airplane luggage.

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