Friday, November 09, 2007


I've done so very little these past 2 days. The driving over the last month has been catching up with me. Yesterday I sat down with my bags and bags of maps, brochures and whatnot that I've accumulated from 25+ countries to sort out what's worth keeping, at least as a short term reference & souvenir. After winnowing out a few bags' worth of items, I'm left with enough to consume 80cm of shelf space. Of course, that's nothing compared to the 3 large boxes of books I've got to take back home.

Bondi's hairloss is accelerating, particularly around the neck, following the symptoms of canine alopecia. As he has lost so much hair around the flanks, I've noticed that he gets quite cold when outside, so if the condition ends up stripping him of all his abdominal coast, he may need to wear protective clothing.

There's a drug called Trilostane (aka Vetoryl or Modrenal), used in the treatment of Cushing's Disease, which is apparently very effective in renewing the coat. I'll ask Bondi's vet about it when we next pay a visit.

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