Saturday, November 10, 2007


Not feeling terribly energetic, but Bondi's very perky and the sun was out, so I popped into town to run some errands. We took a turn through the streets behind the British Museum, where you'll find Bedford, Russell and Bloomsbury Squares. While not part of the Bloomsbury set, my great-grandfather's cousins were living in this part of London about a century ago. I had a Bloomsbury Set when I was a young child, but the Virginia Woolf was eaten by my brother so I had to make a new one out of Lego. They were discarded when I was finally able to make a spinning Algonquin Circle from Meccano.

Reading about the tidal surge in East Anglia today, I'm reminded of our walk on a Norfolk beach near Great Yarmouth and the huge concrete barriers erected to protect the lower-than-sealevel lands behind it. Or compare the East Anglia press photos with the waves smashing against the sea-wall at San Sebastian.

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