Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Scenes from the Caffeine Struggle in South Ealing

There are some small stretches of pavement that feel like home, or for those seeking one, an asylum.

Most of the afternoon spent in the attic room trying to coax some old scanners connected through SCSI cables to talk to an old Mac PowerPC. Not having dealt with SCSI in 20 years, and my Mac skills being marginal, it was a long and frustrating session. After cleaning a few connectors it wasn't hard to get the Mac to correctly identify all the external devices, but neither scanner could be detected by PhotoShop.

Panos, Bondi; Panos, Pan, Bondi (say it five times quickly)

Lost childhood: if found please hand it in

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  1. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Hello, I was happy to see Bondi taking in Panos's wisdom in Ealing! Apart from their artist talents Munson's also serve the best coffee in London. Glad to see Mike 'n Bondi keep such good company.