Sunday, November 25, 2007

Two markets

Yesterday I took Bondi for a spin down Portobello Road markets. The cold weather has kept the crowds at manageable levels, but I still didn't feel terribly excited by the day. London's starting to feel a lonely place as the days close in. The brief highlight of the day was seeing this group of French students chugging boisterously on their brass instruments in a Klezmer style. I remember hearing a similar combo near the Sorbonne in Paris last year

Today it was the turn of Old Spitalfields Markets, a short walk from Liverpool Street station. The name comes from the spittle of the llamas that used to roam wild in this part of London. Today only stuffed llamas remain, seen atop the occasional market stall.

More family research, concentrating on some other side-branches of my Welsh ancestors. I found one second-cousin who died ten years ago at the age of 98, but no evidence of children. It looks like I'm going to have a mountain of GRO certificates arriving in a week.

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