Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another portrait in another hall

I did stay awake a little longer last night, but still woke at 1am. Cheated!

After some more attempts at sleep, with no idea of how much I achieved, I rose at 8 and went to my house to unpack a few boxes before the remainder of my possessions arrived. The furniture folks called to announce an early delivery of my dining table and chairs, and then called again and again from different incorrect addresses in the area until they got to the address written on the delivery schedule.

I got a head start on the moving with 3 car-loads over 2 hours, and while packing the 4th got a call from the movers to say that they were in the loading bay. 3 hours later, and everything was in the house, and I'm officially signed out of storage. The second bedroom looks like a major book warehouse; a major cull is going to be needed. I feel totally wrecked after 5.5hrs of nonstop shifting boxes and furniture. Some of these items are moving into this house for the second time in 14 years after holidaying in Seattle for 5years and then sitting in storage for a further 3-4yrs.

Before I shut the door to go back to Phil's, I put up one picture in the entrance hall...

Bondi would be midway between London and Singapore now.

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