Monday, December 10, 2007

Brick Lane

Dithered about going out today as I was shaking off a croaky head-cold, but thought $%^&* that, it's my last Sunday in London! Took Bondi east again to revisit Spitalfields Market, and to go a bit further on to Brick Lane, the heart of Anglo-Indian London.

Kath Kitson Goes Everywhere / Infinity Comes and Goes

At Spitalfields, a few new stalls had some artwork on display. I was immediately struck by the work of Adele Underwood, and snapped up a couple of pieces to be shipped back home. Some more of her work here.

Outside these markets it was cold and miserable, which didn't deter the crowds from Brick Lane or any of the other markets and exhibition spaces on the roads fanning out from it.


Took tired doggie back to Ealing on the tube, and then turned around to come into Bloomsbury to welcome Keiron from Sydney to London. He'd just flown in to start a new chapter of his own life in London. He'd spent a year of school exchange in Welwyn Garden City (not far north of the M25 ring) but that didn't really prepare him for the reality of London today. Over dinner I wrote out a list of must dos, sorted him with Oyster card and a quick turn around South Bank. Home before midnight, but I've still managed over 2hours on the tube today.

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