Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I am here to kill your monstah


Very conscious of the time I have remaining in London, and of the walks, the neighbourhoods that I've come to know. Not having lived *anywhere* for longer than 5 years, I have so many houses and streets from Australia and Puget Sound piled up in my memory. The last 30 months I've added so many more, with (West) London, Paris, Edinburgh, Wigan, Salamanca, San Sebastian being the handful where I've spent a month or more in total. If I throw in the next tier then I have foggy notions of being able to mentally navigate Pamplona, Nice, Budapest, Naples, Venice, Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Krakow, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Dubrovnik, Dublin and a rich assortment of regional centres through the UK. Who knows what strange visual and olfactory maps Bondi retains after all this.

I took myself off to the BFI Imax at Waterloo to see the 3D version of Beowulf. The story-telling is better than I expected, and grislier and bawdier, but the motion-capture CGI is rather creepy. The human characters seemed reanimated rather than animated, a horrible sheen of unconvincing flesh. The SFX people were a little more successful with pinning Ray Winstone's facial features to a rather more athletic body model. The 3D presentation was spectacular enough for me to provide a recommendation in spite of that shortcoming. The BFI however do themselves no favours with a singularly uninspiring "light show" before the main feature, that was almost as poor as the subterranean show I saw at the Wieliczka Salt Mine. I also recommend grabbing coffee and candy at Waterloo station before assaying the theatre's poor selection.

The Imax is a few minutes' walk from Southbank, and I headed over to the Royal Festival Hall for drinks with my friend Karl, who has been showering me online with recommendations for visits to various architectural treats all over Europe.

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