Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm not there (much longer)

If Cate Blanchett can do it...

I really have nothing left to do but say more goodbyes. Sat outside Munson's with Paul and Keith talking the usual high-minded nonsense and enjoying interchanges with the regular crowd of passing eccentrics. There's a sparkling old lady with a shopping trolley, her voice betraying her East End origins, who reminds me an awful lot of my grandmother. She's most concerned about Bondi and tells me to keep on with his medication - it must be the Cushing's! According to her, the trolley is a magnet for young men, who offer her assistance all the time. All I can do is off them a kiss, and I say that if I were 70 years younger ... well one of them gives me a big kiss on the cheek and I think to myself I wish I'd put some superglue there....

Christmas Panettone "is yum" @ Munson's

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  1. WOW! You HAVE been busy Mr! I think you like having Bondi around for all the attention that he (you) gets! ;-)