Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last plane to Marrickville

Bondi was collected by his transportation support team just on an hour ago. We had one last little walk around the area and sit together outside Munson's while I got teary-eyed. He hadn't eaten anything last night, knowing that something was going on, even without any large scale packing to confirm it.

So I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, bedlinen washed, dishwasher churning and floor vacced and mopped. The big bag is sitting downstairs, and I just have a few odds and sods left to throw in my carry-on bag.
tears to come

years to run
joy to sum
fears to numb
cheers to drum
love to hum
worlds to


  1. So sad! And a very lovely poem. Have a great flight and we'll see ya in Sydney!!!

  2. hey mister mike, greetings from a small coffee shop with a big heart and a limp biscuit. you and bondi's absence has been noticeable after only one day.for starters we can get more customers seated. i think i speak on behalf of all those that have served you coffee at munsons when we i say we will miss the money.just ordered the trilogy by kyril bonfiglioli, if its no good im sending you the bill. best wishes pan