Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monks, chicks, children, everything!

I took Bondi into the city centre for his absolutely last visit while I helped Keiron sort out other essentials (bank account, phone) and toured him around the West End. I asked him to mind Bondi for a moment while I dived into HMV to get the new Blade Runner Trilogy CD set which probably won't be available in Australia for months. When I got back to the street, Keiron reported on all the people "monks, chicks, children, everything!" who stopped by to check out Bondi.

Over lunch near 7 Dials, I sketch out my "explanation of Europe" on the back of a menu, laying out the difference between the EU, Schengen zone and the Eurozone. Keiron threatens to scan the scrawl and post it on Facebook.

More goodbyes to people through the day. More photos to remind me of the streetscapes I'll miss.

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