Sunday, December 09, 2007

Northern Lights

5 nights out in a row has been quite enough for the week. Bondi has not been terribly happy with my evening absences and skipped his meals on two occasions. If he keeps that up, I'll be able to carry him around in a back-pack before long... which is probably his motivation - seeing all those purse-sized models has been giving him ideas.

Despite the rather negative reviews of "The Golden Compass" I knew I had to sneak off to an afternoon session, just to get some eye-candy visuals for Pullman's story. Despite the best efforts of the cast, this reminds me of David Lynch's film of Dune. In this case the story mantra would be "The dust* must flow!" Anyone who hasn't read the books is going to have a tough job of pulling it all together. AND since this is the first instalment of the 3 volume His Dark Materials story, the concluding dialogue rather breathlessly contrives to tell us that a lot more has to happen before everyone can be safely tucked up in their beds. The young stars reminded me of the old Disney live-action film "The Three Lives of Thomasina".

rather than spice

A couple of the film/book locations really stood out for me after my own northern adventures with Bondi, a miniature ice-bear in comparison to Iorek Byrnison (voiced by the ubiquitous Ian McKellen). The witch queen erafina Pekkala harks from Lake Enara, Pullman's fictionalised version of Lake Inari, seen in the banner photo for this blog. I also recognised Bergen, one of the locations used in the second half of the film.

Before the film there was a trailer for a new Ealing comedy, a remake of (The Belles of?) St Trinians. It features Rupert Everett as Camilla Parker-Bowles the Headmistress.

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