Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the shelf

He used to bring me biscuits, but that was on the outside.

I cannot believe how many books I have. I should, especially after lugging a gigantic number from Sydney to Seattle, and then an even larger number back to Sydney. I've had to make a couple of trips to IKEA to get bookcases, but even after installing 25m of linear shelf space I still seem to have teetering piles, double-stacked shelves and un-opened crates to deal with. I don't even want to think about the additional crates arriving in my car next month.

Since my spare room is about 1.5m deep in boxes, I've had to shuffle them one way in order to make roof for the first bookcase, stock those shelves, and then work my way into the space cleared thus to erect another bookcase, and so on.

Bondi still seemed to be in good spirits when I saw him today, but as soon as I edged into his pen, he turned his attention back to the door - "OK, the joke's over, get me out of here!". I'd brought in some replacement medication for him and explained the dosage etc to his keeper, and felt somewhat relieved to see that the official whiteboard had been updated with this information before I left. I enticed Bondi to play "slow-chases" with the toy hedgehog, the indoor game he's played since quite young. It's all about keeping me away from hedgie and doesn't require any turn of speed. Usually we'd play it around the dining table, but the ritual of feints and avoidances still works in a small open space like his pen.

As soon as I exited, I heard Bondi's gurgling moan of recognition that he has been left behind again. I circled around to the outside to show him I was still in the vicinity, even if only for a moment. While I don't like to set up any expectation for him seeing me regularly it will be horrible over the holiday period as there are no visiting hours till after the New Year. So it will be 12 days or so till I see him again.

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