Saturday, December 15, 2007

Staying awake, ah ha ha ha, staying awake.

Green Eggs and a ham

Yesterday's energy ran out at about 9pm. Light off, head on pillow and zzzzz. Then I woke at 1am, slept fitfully, waking again at 5.20 and then half-slept until I heard Phil moving around the house.

He was keen to go out for breakfast again, and I was jumping at the chance to go to Martini's for some "South Sydney Eggs", poached eggs on crusty bread, smothered with oven roasted tomatoes, peppers and gobs of pesto. Breakfast in bold primary colours. A Sydney breakfast with lots of flavoursome, non-heart-stopping frills to jumpstart the day.

I called a small moving van company to ask about rates/availability from today forward. They said Monday is definitely available, but would call back in half an hour to advise whether they could do anything today. I don't get the call-back, and when I have a moment call back to ask again. The same guy answers and seems to have no recollection of me calling. We end up setting a time-range for the middle of the day tomorrow. In the meantime, I make a couple more car trips to transfer smaller boxes from storage back to the house. I'm also trying to tire myself out properly so that I have a chance of sleeping right through the night. The temperature range of 22-30C, compared to London's sub -10C is not helping the moving or sleeping.

Trying not to think too much about Bondi. As I write this, he is probably still out at the boarding kennel at Heathrow, and won't be in the air till for another 16 hours. I hope he's eating, and getting his proper dose of medication. I probably won't get to see him until Tuesday.

I've got to 9pm now. Another hour or two of wakefulness will make me feel I've really achieved something.

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