Friday, December 21, 2007

Tiger Country

My first Xmas card arrived today from Maureen and Tony in Cornwall. I'm on the path to being properly grounded in my new digs.

And so, another day of unpacking and sorting books, with sundry excursions to the hardware store for this 'n' that. I had one of those annoying phone calls from UPS where they try to extort you for costs for clearing deliveries into the country. Apparently they're going to charge me GST on the packing costs of the pictures sent to me from the UK. So I'm paying UK VAT and Australian GST on everything. I also learnt that UPS has defined "expedited" as "slowest".

I stepped away from the books this evening to see Jono Gavin's play Tiger Country at The Stables theatre in Darlinghurst. At the margins, it's a Xmas tale by virtue of its setting of a disturbed family getting together at this time of year, but given that one family member is a serial killer, not a tale you'd present at the parish picnic. The production is obviously done on a shoe-string, but the ensemble of 5 is exceptionally fine with Nicole Winkler's Rachel a first amongst equals. In some ways the script seemed more tuned to being a screenplay than a stagework, as we flash between different combinations of the family as they tumble towards the almost inevitable climax.

A couple of interesting reviews here from the SMH and razzbufnik.

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