Monday, December 17, 2007

White goods

Back: Jono Gavin, Phil, James Millar, self, Muxley
Front: Genevieve Lemon, Vince, Colin

This morning was spent in a welter of unpacking, and bed assemblage, before running off to the dentist for some periodontal rough-housing. He said "this will cure your jetlag" as his pain-on-a-stick implement made noises against my tooth enamel like skeletal fingers down a tombstone. Curiously I still felt like sleeping only moments after my root canals stopped reverberating.

Rushed back home to take delivery of the fridge, washer and dryer and got those installed and prepped quite rapidly. Took some time out for a nap on my oh so comfy bed.

I was invited out for dinner at the Harbour View Hotel at The Rocks, nearly in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge's southern pylons. Dinner company was excellent, getting the chance to see familiar faces, and to extend my fading Sydney social circle in one go. The table service was rather lackadaisical from start to finish. The wine list came down to one possible variety of white, as choice after choice turned out to be either out of stock or "we've never had it"; Colin's request for an explanation of the French-titled salad dressing was "explained" via an inappropriate analogy to Bernaise sauce. When I asked why my dessert was missing half the advertised components, the indifferent response was "we hoped you wouldn't notice that". Totally unprofessional at every step, especially given their prices.

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