Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And now we're back from outer space

I collected Bondi from the quarantine station this morning. Picked up some food for him on the way back into the city and then introduced him to his new home. I gave him a little time to explore and then left him again while I trundled off to Port Botany to collect the car.

The car was sitting outside the shipping warehouse's offices, and my personal effects were delivered back to me by forklift on several palettes, items rather sloppily arranged, including stuff rolling around on the surface of a framed picture sans its protective covers. I've been charged for steam-cleaning of the vehicle but honestly can't see any evidence of that.

After carting all my boxes into the house I realised I have the makings of another large bookcase in these, at least somewhat evenly split between read and nonread material. I can't drive the car any further until it's passed its "blue slip" roadworthiness inspection on Friday morning at the garage around the corner.

I think Bondi's medication is starting to have a positive effect on his coat and look forward to seeing more improvement.

For most of the remainder of the day Bondi has been content to lie around the house in different places while I work on the mountain of reading I have for my new job.


  1. Well, at least "the family" is back together...Bondi looks happy to have his dad back! Hope the new job is going ok...hope you're coping with getting back into the groove of day in, day out...

  2. I'm sure it won't take long for you both to settle back down together. Bet it feels great to have him home.