Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bondi brekkie

Eggs Kurosawa at Jed's, North Bondi

Today is my last unencumbered day. I spent the morning over near Bondi Beach: breakfast, a stroll through the markets, and a quick loop of Campbell Parade, Hall and Gould Streets. Nick called to say he'd be home for a little while so I could come over and trade shoes for sandals to complete my New Year's Eve trade.

Ended up staying to gab with him and John for 3 hours. I think Nick is a feeder - after being plied with offers of grilled cheese and baked beans on toast (refused) old refrigerated sandwiches (accepted one) and supermarket-label chocolate biscuits, I finally made an apologetic exit before I was force-fed the remaining contents of the kitchen and confined to a queen-sized bed on a trolley for the rest of my life.

I really had to go out and buy some trousers for work tomorrow, since everything I own that's suitable is still stuck in my car on the docks. I'm not sure what it is about designers of men's clothing. Some years they are compelled to re-cut all the trousers to reduce their market to those with skinny legs. For any male who's spent 10 minutes at the gym, swimming or playing footie, it's very frustrating to find that trousers in your waist size will not pass your knees. I tried 6 clothing stores today before I found one that accommodated my burly, country-crossing, malamute-carrying thighs.

With only 3 more sleeps till Bondi comes home, I've been out scouting for food for him. It seems that fish-based options are harder to come by here than in Europe, and the one acceptable (with fish, no soya) bulk dry food I could find is more expensive than in the UK! Couldn't find any raw-hide chew pieces to keep his teeth dazzlingly clean. The search continues.

Today's Facebook status: Mike is surrounded by freaks. Freaks are the new black.


  1. ..."burly, country-crossing, malamute-carrying thighs" - stop it, you're getting me excited.

    Hang on, "malamute-carrying" ???

  2. Yes, all this talk about your "burly thighs" is just cruel and unusual punishment for us readers! ;-) ...sigh...