Friday, January 11, 2008

The Library of Babel

The mostly read books.

I'm coming up to my final "it's not a weekend if you don't really have weekdays" weekend. I've unpacked what I can and put it away. Everything I want for now has been repaired or delivered and installed.

The two major items remaining are Bondi's release next Wednesday, and the release of my car and luggage from the shipping company. The car has been sitting in its container on the Port Botany docks for 10 days now and I still haven't been advised of when I'll be able to collect it. Just extended the term on my rental car a fourth time.

It feels good to have all the books out on shelves. There are a few other small pockets of them around the house besides what these pictures show, and a rather large cupboard of sheet-music which I sorted through during the week. An old friend thought it hysterically funny that I alphabetised most of my collections, but I really wouldn't be able to find anything otherwise. Nonfiction tends to run thematically on these shelves, and a few authors have entire shelves devoted to them.

The "unread" bookcases are frightening to behold. There are some in there that I just won't read, and I should just dispose of them quickly. However there are a good few that I am itching to read. In many cases I'd bought them in hardback before coming back to Australia in 2003 and never got the chance to start into them before the travel bug hit.

The book-crates in my car will require more shelving for both read and unread categories.

Do take it as a hint not to buy me any books for the forseeable future.

The unread books


  1. Good to see you're settling in. A fine collection of books. After 13 years down here in Canberra, I still have stacks of mine in boxes and back in Brisbane.

    I like how you casually name drop too. LOL

    No doubt you're looking forward to Wednesday.

  2. Holy heck! I'm cancelling my membership to the NSW State Library and joining the "Mike 'n Bondi Library" instead!!! You've got more books! :-)