Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Quarantine update

I got an email on Monday from Bondi's keeper saying that he was off his food, probably due to stress. She said not to worry, but of course since the first visiting day for the new year was still a few days away, it was hard not to imagine him emaciated, dwindling to the size of a chihuahua.

I made arrangements to visit him out of hours today. He was incredibly pleased to see me and gobbled down some ginger biscuits immediately. I took him for a short walk in one of the exercise pens, but the extreme heat and lack of shade kept that down to a few minutes. I left a packet of biscuits with instructions to crush one over his food so as tempt him back to eating. The ginger is both calming on the stomach and attracts him to start licking his food, and thence if he forgets himself, to start eating properly. He's now a hair over halfway through his internment, so I'm confident that he'll get through it all fine ... until I hear the bloodcurdling howl when I leave :-(.

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  1. Head Elixir Maker7:48 am

    Hi Mr Mike, The Boyz @ Munson's were wondering what sort of dog is that? - Love & Joy 2008 - The Baristaz


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