Friday, January 18, 2008

Return to 12 Coleridge Close

A good chunk of today was spent getting my car street-legal again for Australia. After the testing station finished the road-worthiness inspection they called to say that they couldn't find one of the seatbelts and that two of the tyres had to be replaced before they could give me a "blue slip" and thus allow me to proceed with my "green slip" (CTP or compulsory third party insurance) to the registry office.

I went around to the garage and showed them where to find the seat-belt (it descends from the rear ceiling) and approve new tyres. Sadly they're the ones I bought in Croatia in April after getting two slashed during my otherwise lovely stay in Dubrovnik. The only scar/souvenir left on the car after 28 countries is the dented rear door, courtesy of the farmer in Devon with an over-eager tractor.

Another couple of hours later and I was at the registry, picking up new rego plates and sticker. It was raining rather heavily when I got to changing the plates over*, but I needed to get the task finished so that if I could drive about without being picked up by police for having British plates on the car. As I slid the British tax disc off my window, and replaced it with a NSW sticker, it struck me that this was the final, official act of returning to normalcy here.

*silly me, caught a chill and now paying the price.

Some new hair-growth on Bondi's tail!

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