Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lobo junior

In mid-June, Bondi will be gaining a new little brother, pictured above at 5 weeks of age. I don't expect he will grow to anywhere near Bondi's size (more a function of long legs than bulk), but then again Bondi was the runt of his litter.

Of course I've been hard at work looking for an appropriate name. I have a number of candidates, which do not include other Sydney beach names like Coogee, Bronte, Tamarama or Seven Shillings.

Current favourites are:
  • Iorek: Iorek Byrnison - polar bear from Philip Pullman's stories

  • Inari: Lake in northern Finland shown in the blog header above

  • Gelert: Dog from the Welsh Mabinogion

  • Orinoco: Womble at large

  • Helo (Halo): character from the new series of Battlestar Galactica

  • Taliesin (Tally): Welsh. "Radiant brow"

  • Kuruk: Native American. "Bear"

  • Gelar: Aboriginal. "Brother"

  • Cuán: Irish. "Little wolf"

  • Nuka: Greenlandic. Younger sibling.

  • Munson: Famous Ealing comedy filmed in shades of brown.
I've added a poll in the right hand margin for you to vote. You may check multiple boxes. Other suggestions may be posted as comments or sent to the email address shown, and then if I like them sufficiently, I'll add them to the poll.


  1. I like the names. Although wouldn't Tomsk be a more suitable Womble name for a Malamute than Orinoco? Uness you were going for the irony of having a fat and dumb name for a big and strong dog.

  2. I don't think Tomsk stands up to repeated usage in the park. I have enough problems explaining Bondi to Americans, without compounding the issue. Although since Tomsk in the USSR is a major centre for plutonium production, I'm sure some pithy joke could be made about noxious dumping.

    Even with Iorek, I will be running around collecting His Dark Materials.

  3. For more wolfy-type names see:

    This notes that Conan, Conor and Quinn are variants of Cuan.

    For a "hairy name", Esau or Caesar.

  4. Some other suggestions have been

    Brentcu: Jean's suggestion: "Hermano"
    Spanish for "brother" and inspired by the Arrested Development episode where Gob hunts for the guy he suspects his wife is having an affair with, some dude called Hermano. [Mike: which reminds me of "Tio" - Spanish for uncle, and "Cachorro" ,Spanish for bear-cub]

    I like "Renton", it covers both the Northwest and Trainspotting.

    RSquire: Mawson

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  6. How about Fluffy?

    Or Turpie, the dog from my favourite childhood story, The Hobyahs. He was a good dog.

  7. Another excellent suggestion from Maureen in Cornwall - Blaze.

    This is based on some of my ancestors coming from St.Blazey (from St.Blaise) in Cornwall, and that Bondi & I met Maureen & Tony outside St. Blaise church in Dubrovnik.

  8. Mountain Thunder8:43 pm

    Mikey, It's gotta be Munson. The Coffee House(London) was named after my cousin's Golden Lab(New York),(who has sadly passed away), who in-turn was named after the NY Yankee pitcher, Thurman Munson. The name must continue by passing it onwards to the new boy(Sydney). Hope is well.
    LPH Panayiotis XXX
    PS there is a coffee with your name on it waiting for you.

  9. How about Fenrir? If I remember correctly he swallowed the sun didn't he? It's suitably mythological. Or Bran...or Cafal...

  10. There a bunch of Norse names on my original list including Fenrir/Fenris, Loki and Baldur.

    I've had a few people write in with girl's name. If it were a girl, I would probably call it J-Lobo.

  11. Anonymous9:32 am

    If it were Fenrir/Fenris you could shorten it to Fen...easy to yell out in the park.
    (ps; ive held back on the exclamations of cuteness...but he is. Very. Like a wee fluffy teddy bear)

  12. Anita9:33 am

    The one above was me. Not annonynmous.

  13. Dear Anitamous

    I'm not sure the "great and terrible wolf monster" Fenris quite meshes with "wee fluffy teddy bear".

    Watchman: "Here comes the slavering beast Fenris!"
    Villagers: [exclamations of cuteness]

    I'm sure the World of Warcraft folks would love it though. And according to Wikipedia: in the Japanese comic book Oh My Goddess!, a giant wolf by the name "Fenrir" embodies the "programme for total destruction of the Earth"

  14. Cool. (It could be the total and utter destruction of your house)

  15. Names That Will Get Used...

    Death to Shoes

    Fur Factory

    Seeker of Trouble

    Road Block

    Guardian of the Mailbox

    The Tongue that Washed the World

    Leash Testing Service