Friday, June 13, 2008

And then he licked me

The plane was due to touch down at Sydney's domestic airport at 5.15pm and its cargo available 20 minutes later. Before heading out, I checked the QANTAS website to confirm this, and found that it was now delayed until an estimated 6.35pm. When it finally touched down after 7pm, the "real time" information service I was checking on my phone still said 6.35.

Also waiting at the cargo depot were the prospective parents of one of my puppy's brothers, travelling on the same flight. That puppy was to be known as Commanche.

Finally the carrier kennels arrived and we got our first glimpse. My initial thought was omigodhe'ssomuchbiggerthanBondiwasatthatage!!! and then I reached in and pulled out a big softly furred bundle of wet-kisses.

Bondi was waiting in the car, completely oblivious to the meteor hurtling through the void into his life. I placed the pup at his feet, eliciting a bellow of surprise.

For the short ride home, I had a laundry basket lined with the blanket I got from Tony & Maureen.

After snoozing all the way home, the pup was quick to find his feet inside my house. Bondi charged off to find a squeaky toy, either to welcome the new arrival, or to underline the fact that he was still my super-pup.

Bondi wasn't terribly happy that the pup was going to be staying the night - but this was just like what happened when Dougal was brought home 7yrs ago. My intention was to let the pup sleep on a rug next to my bed, and get Bondi to sleep on my bed to establish his seniority. That didn't really work out - Bondi wouldn't get up, and the pup was lonely on the floor, for the first time in its short life facing the prospect of sleeping away from his mother and 6 siblings.

I scooped the pup up from the floor and brought him into the crook of my arm, where he snuggled happily. Bondi then jumped onto the bed and monitored the situation from the far corner, making sure the up didn't savage me with his needle-like teeth.

And so the night progressed, with the pup being moved around slightly every 1-2 hours so I didn't inadvertently roll on it, and Bondi moving on and off the bed and around the house in varying degrees of consternation.

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  1. Oh My Dog! He is just the cutest, fluffiest, most adorable baby!!! I think he and Bondi will be playing together very soon!!