Sunday, June 29, 2008

Munsoon season

Day 16 of the new season of Two and A Half Men (canine edition) continues as Munson slowly gets house trained. My pup runneth over every other hour, followed by a mop throughout the house. The wine-rack is mostly stocked with rolls of paper towels so I can station them at appropriate points around the house. Really, there's 2 places I should stick them just to catch any unwanted output... I had a vision last night of corking him and then calling the bomb squad twice a day to clear the street for an explosive decanting...

Bondi's adjusting to his new companion but has a new tactic of getting more attention from me: howling like he got run over, every time he gets a bump, or fluffball removed. He's definitely overdoing it as I make sure that Bondi gets preferential treatment - first feeding, extra attention, solo time in the park. Bondi's the only one who gets extra treats ... which reminds me that he's put back on some of the weight he lost in quarantine in recent weeks. I suspect that his medicine was suppressing his appetite somewhat. It's 4 weeks now since the meds ran out, and I'm still seeing more dark guard hairs regrowing on his sides - a total turnaround from the way he looked at the end of 2007.


  1. Little Munson is just the cutest thing!!! My human keeps saying how much she wants a puppy now! She says she wants to cuddle and smooch on him! He IS rather adorable!!!


  2. My mama is saying the same thing as Holly's mama, and also wants to know if Munson still has puppy breath. You humans are a little strange sometimes.


  3. Oh, the MALAMUTE Death Skhream!

    Rumour has it that Sibes do it BUT I haven't.......yet!!

    Please keep the khute and khuddly pikhs khoming!!!


  4. Mom says she can recognize that Northern Breed Scream of Death anywhere. Our Meeka's a pro. Your 2 guys are wonderful. We'll be dropping by to read about their adventures.