Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fountain crawl

El Alamein Fountain, Kings Cross

Munson had his first puppy class last Monday. At 16.5kg, he comprised about 80% of the class by weight - the other 2 pups were a little shy of his attempts to play with them. He did quite well with the sit, stay, come commands and we've been practising them on occasion in the park through the week.

Back at home, musical appreciations lessons have begun around the piano. Bondi likes to partake in these, and now Munson is demonstrating his own fascination with the instrument, both as a machine (listening to the noises from below) and as a mode of communication (alert to whatever I am trying to say to him through fingers on the keyboard). Ultimately, both end up on the floor, wound closely around the piano stool, responding to my own enjoyment of the time there.

Walkabout in Darlinghurst with the hair and the spare

When introducing the boys, I introduce them as "unrelated males", which anticipates but rarely succeeds in deflecting "is this [Bondi] the mother or the father". So many people fall over themselves trying to ask questions about the boys, not really listening to my answers; frequently repeating the same questions just to generate enough conversation to keep close by.

Calling the meeting to order

Woman in Newtown: "Are those dogs Doritos? [Akitas?]"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In which Mike wishes Munson would combine his interests in carpentry and earth moving to build himself an outdoor toilet

Let me just say that Dr Munson Runnypoo of Malamute Labs* still needs to get the hang of where he should be doing his ablutions. Tomorrow he starts puppy-school (his doctorate is purely honorary) at Dogwarts up the road, and I'm hoping he'll learn how to ask for a hall-pass before he goes .

* not a registered breed

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Love and the Time of Collaring

It's exactly one month since Munson dropped into our lives.

I took both the boys into the vet yesterday, canis minor for his second round of vaccines, and canis major for a general inspection - especially of his jaw, which I suspected to be subject to some arthritis.

Munson weighed in at 14.6kg, so he's been growing at 1.5kg/week since he arrived. Bondi surprised me by only clocking up 58.4kg - he seems much more solid but has only put on 1.5kg in 6 months! It must be the sheer density of his regrown hair.

The vet seemed to agree with my diagnosis of arthritis of the jaw - the "death skhream" is actually Bondi howling with pain when he overextends it to tell off Munson, or to take a large item such as a toy or chicken carcass into his mouth. I'll monitor this for the next few weeks, so that we can determine if he'll need some additional medication.

Last week my bathroom drains backed up - probably due to the output of my little poopsicle. The Sewers Crisis lasted for about 5 days, several with me mopping day and night, and two more while a plumber tried to get a jetter past the blockage.

Today's photos are all taken at Sydney Park. It's Munson's first exposure to a lot of other dogs since leaving his litter. While not afraid to boss Bondi and me around, he's rather shyer with most other dogs.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wanderers this morning came by

The Munster grew enough this week to be able to clamber onto the bed unaided, which means that there is no escaping his waking hunger.

Bondi is still producing the "malamute death skhream" at least twice a day in response to various indignities that either Munson or I might perpetrate. He's evidently lost the habit of being in middle-management and is only managing up rather than down most of the time. I'm ignoringhis protests for now, in the hope that his phantom hyperalgia will simply cure itself.

This post's title comes from Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, by Fleet Foxes.