Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fountain crawl

El Alamein Fountain, Kings Cross

Munson had his first puppy class last Monday. At 16.5kg, he comprised about 80% of the class by weight - the other 2 pups were a little shy of his attempts to play with them. He did quite well with the sit, stay, come commands and we've been practising them on occasion in the park through the week.

Back at home, musical appreciations lessons have begun around the piano. Bondi likes to partake in these, and now Munson is demonstrating his own fascination with the instrument, both as a machine (listening to the noises from below) and as a mode of communication (alert to whatever I am trying to say to him through fingers on the keyboard). Ultimately, both end up on the floor, wound closely around the piano stool, responding to my own enjoyment of the time there.

Walkabout in Darlinghurst with the hair and the spare

When introducing the boys, I introduce them as "unrelated males", which anticipates but rarely succeeds in deflecting "is this [Bondi] the mother or the father". So many people fall over themselves trying to ask questions about the boys, not really listening to my answers; frequently repeating the same questions just to generate enough conversation to keep close by.

Calling the meeting to order

Woman in Newtown: "Are those dogs Doritos? [Akitas?]"


  1. Oh Munson, you are getting sooo big! Right now you are about as big as my new little Siberian sister Khady will be! She weights only 16 pounds right now (about 7kg). Mom really wants to hug Munson right now! But I would rather hug You big boy!!!


  2. I know that fountain!

    We used to live in the Cross and Potts Point a zillion years ago. Then we went back to the UK, now we are in Spain.

    Will try and check back later....