Sunday, July 20, 2008

In which Mike wishes Munson would combine his interests in carpentry and earth moving to build himself an outdoor toilet

Let me just say that Dr Munson Runnypoo of Malamute Labs* still needs to get the hang of where he should be doing his ablutions. Tomorrow he starts puppy-school (his doctorate is purely honorary) at Dogwarts up the road, and I'm hoping he'll learn how to ask for a hall-pass before he goes .

* not a registered breed


  1. hey,

    I just sniffed you out from Dogs With Blogs. yeah, Malamutes! Bet it was great fun walking around Europe with your human, Bondi!

    Good luck in puppy kindergarten, Munson!


  2. You know, us Mal's only do what WE want to do, not what YOU want us to do.:-)

    You are growing so fast!! Check out my blog, I got a new Sibe sister!


  3. Woo there Bondi and Munson!
    That's quite the cute snooter you got there little guy. My mom would smother it with kisses. And, Sir Bondi....she loves your big mally head...she would be huggin on you all the time.
    I can hardly get her to feed me, she loves on me so much....

    Us Mally boys have to stick together...I'm sure glad you're bloggers.

    Your pal,