Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wanderers this morning came by

The Munster grew enough this week to be able to clamber onto the bed unaided, which means that there is no escaping his waking hunger.

Bondi is still producing the "malamute death skhream" at least twice a day in response to various indignities that either Munson or I might perpetrate. He's evidently lost the habit of being in middle-management and is only managing up rather than down most of the time. I'm ignoringhis protests for now, in the hope that his phantom hyperalgia will simply cure itself.

This post's title comes from Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, by Fleet Foxes.


  1. Munson is just the most adorable puppy EVER!!!! Bondi is still the most handome big boy however!!!

    Love the pics! Keep em coming!!


  2. Way to go Munson! Dad needs to get up REALLY early to feed and play with you every morning. Pouncing on his stomach should do the trick in case he misses the first cues.

  3. What a pair of khuties!

    Thanks fur sharing them with us!!

    I'm surprised though: I thought Holly would have been the most adorable puppy EVER!!!


  4. Awwww Munson is just CUTE with a really big Capital C!!!


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