Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's a wash [updated]

There's a few factors inhibiting posts right now. First off I terminated my Optus broadband account after 8 months of exasperating 'service' but have to wait indefinitely for Telstra to reconnect me. (This post is being made from my phone.)
Secondly my employer made my position redundant last week, so while I have more time on my hands, much of it has been consumed with thoughts about that state of affairs.

Still there's nothing to stop me from giving 20kg Munson his first bath.


  1. He is the epitome of cuteness!

    Kisses, Sky boy

  2. YES, what Sky Boy said!

    PeeEssWoo: My mom says the thought of someone's pawsition being redundant made her have flash bakhs from her former life - she said things happen fur reasons so make the best of the opps it gives woo!

  3. Oh Munson, I can't believe you didn't take the chance that the human gave you while he took your picture to RUN!!!


  4. Have you ever read the book "walk across america" by Peter Jenkins? It's an old classic that started an entire travel series. But essentially he write a book about finding his country by walking from NY state to Alabama with his alaskan malamute:)

  5. Woo there boys~
    Mom is melting from your cuteness there Munson. Us big Mally boys have to stick together...remember, the next time he tries you get you in that tub, woo will be MUCH bigger and can maybe avoid another bath all together!
    Hope your biped finds a better opportunity now that he has the chance.
    Your pal,

  6. Munson looks very cute in the bath! Not good about your job mate - didn't realize that the CIA made people redundant! LOL

  7. Oh Munson, the color picture truly shows how embarrased, and totally mortified you are! Nothing worse than a soaking wet Mal! You have my condolences! (you still look totally adorable though!)


  8. Munson, I don't like to get baths either. Tell your dad to keep his chin up. The best things are yet to come!