Monday, September 15, 2008

Coast path from Bronte to Bondi

Bondi Beach Stitch [Canon]

There’s a coast path winding from Bondi Beach’s north end (Ben Bucker, seen above) -  past Tamarama and Bronte Beaches, and thence to Coogee and Maroubra. Despite being a track of outstanding beauty, it's split between several local government jurisdictions and as such doesn’t have any coherent management. It’s a bit having the Italian Cinque Terre walk split up into five separately advertised and managed sections which don’t acknowledge any of the connecting bits.

If you want to walk your dog, the rules are spellbindingly confusing, depending which sign or website you look at, and the time of year. The signs are comprehensive in an Old Testament “thou shalt not” fashion peculiar to Australian municipal managers. Basically, the widest, safest parts of the walk, along the concrete beach promenades are forbidden to dogs except after dark. Go figure.

IMG_0229 IMG_0230

Anyway, today was a fine day to introduce Munson to a path I’ve taken with Bondi several times before (albeit with lengthy circumlocutions of stretches of pavement sacred to town clerks).

IMG_0220 IMG_0228

I set out with the two lads and Ghaith just before lunch, beginning at Bronte Beach, and ending up at Hunter Park, sited at the southern end of Bondi Beach. IIRC the video for Elton John’s song Blue Eyes was filmed around here.

IMG_0241-242 Bronte cafe Stitch IMG_0234

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