Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Flippin' maps

I'm not alone in having a great weakness for maps and street directories, and I often wish I had tools to perform "comparative cartography" so I could see relative sizes and positions of various geographic entities. (See my Sicilian exercise here). From idle atlas comparisons long ago I noted some time ago that Hobart (42° 54' S) sits at roughly the same latitude as Rome (41° 52' N), with most of Australia sitting in the North Africa - Afghanistan - Mexico belt

I've played around with some form of the Map Tunnelling Tool before, but this time I've done some quick paintshopping to show where Australia would lie if it were flipped into the Northern Hemisphere so that every point was at its antipodean point. The + marker shows the locations of Sydney. New Zealand would partially lie over portions of Spain and Portugal.


  1. But all the people will drown. Couldn't you have turned it around, rather than turning it over?

  2. It also shows us the size of Australia, 'closer' to home.

  3. That would be a good spot for Australia. That way it will stop all the stupid hurricanes that come across from Africa.



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