Sunday, October 26, 2008

It was the dog's

Last week Munson spent a day at the vet for his neutering operation. I took Bondi out for a solo day, which definitely seemed to raise his spirits. Some days it's hard not to spend a lot more time on Munson, who follows me around the house from the moment my feet touch the floor, curling up on the bathroom tiles not more than a leg's extension from the shower door.

When I collected him from the vet at the end of the day, he was in good spirits, albeit woozy. He climbed in the front passenger seat of the car, and after attempting to sit up straight, slumped chin against window.

Orders are to keep him at home for a week and out of water, so his pool has been rolled into a corner and I've got extra entertainment duties on top of making sure he doesn't lick his sutures and thus delay healing.

On the scale: Bondi = 66.6kg (the weight of the beast), and Munson = 36.5kg, so they now match me kilo for kilo. Fortunately wrangling the two of the them on walks provides an excellent set of upper-body and arm exercises.


Spiegeltent beside Sydney Opera House

I escaped for two nights to see two very different shows, the first being I've Got a Bulletproof Heart, Kenny Mellman's cabaret tribute to Grace Jones' early career. (She hit 60 earlier this year, and has a new album out this week.)  As off the wall as she seems in tabloid reports of her constructed public image, the show's reportage of her career and public utterances were quite inspirational. As Mellman hammered out tune and lyrics at the piano, I was reminded of Nina Simone in performance, mouth and mind set to say you came to see me and you're going to get me if it kills you.


The following night, Anita and I went to see My Fair Lady, with Richard E Grant taking on Henry Higgins, his first ever sung role. As it was an Opera Australia production, I arranged to meet Anita at the Opera House before hand and then we sauntered up to the Opera Theatre ten minutes before curtain-up. At that point, glancing at the tickets' "Door 4" and the theatre's "doors 28-32", I gulped, and re-read the venue as Theatre Royal, about 6 blocks downtown. We tripped down the stairs and to Circular Quay to get a cab, and of course had to get a driver who really wasn't sure which theatre was which. Amazingly we managed to get there and seated as the opening strains of the overture rang out.

Quite maddeningly, Sydney's weather is swinging between extremes of temperature, if I remember rightly 12 degrees below average one day, and 12 over the next. Snow fell in the Blue Mountains, and then it's stinking hot and then rain - making it difficult to despatch the dogs into the yard. Munson is not deterred, and starts at making the front and back yards look thus:


Saturday was family picnic day, both dogs coming out, but sitting under a tree, separating them from temptation. The pup finally got an extended walkabout outing a day later, at the Danks Street Festival. Both boys were very well behaved, although I could have done with less foodscrap-hoovering from Munson.

IMG_0609 IMG_0610-1

Picnic stakeout; Danks St ice water.

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  1. Glad you got to the second show on time. And I can hardly believe that Grace Jones is 60!

    I haven't thought about The Digginest Dog in years! I loved that story as a child. :)