Friday, October 17, 2008

Sculptures (and collages) by the Sea

IMG_0509-0511 Bronte [ice]

Bronte Beach

This morning we returned to the Bondi-Bronte coast path taken a month ago. The annual Sculptures by the Sea exhibition brings a lot of foot traffic to the stretch between Bondi and Tamarama.

IMG_0512-0513 Tamarama [ice]

Tamarama Beach

Tamarama picture grid [black]

Approaching from the south, the first sculptures are visible down on Tamarama's sands.  I snapped the set of 14 pictures above to throw into Microsoft's Image Composite Editor (ICE free download) which I love so much that I've reprocessed most of my panoramic shots from the last 5 years, with some splendid improvements over what I was getting with the Canon Photostitch software. The first two images in this post are each stitched together from several photos. The next photo shows the result of throwing these 14 photos into ICE (literally drag, drop and wait):

IMG_0514-0528 Tamarama [ice]

ICE arranged the photos automatically, discarded those it couldn't blend, and then I cropped the result into the largest available rectangle. Since I didn't give great coverage of the escarpment around the beach that was lost from the composite. However, all is not lost, by creatively arranging photos using Picasa 3's collage editor, I got this interesting result:

20081017 Sculpture by the Sea   Beach

It's not quite a Hockney, but even then, the interwebs come to the rescue, with the Hockneyizer:

20081017 Sculpture by the Sea   Beach (Hockneyized 2)

But back to the scultpures:

IMG_0538-0539 Bondi Munson Tamarama [ice] IMG_0547--0548 pack of dogs [ice]

IMG_0549-0551 sculpture [ICE]

Whale helicopter

IMG_0566-567 globes [ice]

Light-blub ivy Warhol soup

IMG_0533 IMG_0532

IMG_0534 IMG_0542

IMG_0545 IMG_0555

IMG_0558 IMG_0564


Whale eye IMG_0552

Since this was quite a warm walk, after lunch I took the boys back to Botany Bay for a cooling swim:

IMG_0581 IMG_0579

The last bit of software I'd like to mention in the context of creating this blog, is Microsoft Live Writer (in beta), which despite some teething problems has quite improved the process of laying out and posting to Blogger.


  1. Great pics! All that stuff sounds very technical, but it sure works well. I'm fanging to see Sculptures by the Sea...when McBrad returns, I plan on taking him.

  2. Very cool sculptures! I especially liked the one of the running dogs.