Monday, November 17, 2008

7 months!


While Bondi was attending to serious matters (his dinner), Munson was playing the role of puppy as if he'd been born to it. It's 5 months since he joined the family - and what a joy he's been (toilet training horrors long since abated).


20081107 Bookshelves 4 20081107 Bookshelves 41

These images are made from a set of about three dozen photos I took of the bookshelves in my study, overlaying them to give this rather pleasing effect of the books returned to their 'natural' woody state. It makes me think of a palimpsest with the hidden text running perpendicular to the surface.

The right hand image has a more intense delineation of the shelving as I recropped the original set to give a more consistent aspect ratio to each shelf area.

I'm using the first one as my PC wallpaper as it looks like a well-loved desktop surface.


  1. How time flies! Can you believe that you've been back in Oz for almost a year now??? :-)

  2. It's scary - 11mo home now - but I'm missing a lot of Europe and the UK. I'm finding Sydney rather stifling now

  3. Oh Munson, you sure are growing into quite the handsome young dog!!